6/11 Trump Cooks Up a Trade War With Trudeau w/ Guy Lawson

June 11, 2018

Reporter and author Guy Lawson joins us to discuss his recent article for The New York Times, “First Canada Tried To Charm Trump. Now It’s Fighting Back.”

On today’s show: Larry Kudlow is drunk (or something) on CNN.

Guy Lawson (@GuyLawson2) joins us to discuss the trade war brewing with Canada. How his research began with the Canadian counter-propaganda campaign re: Trump, then developed as the situation unfolded. The history of Canada’s relationship to US power. Foreign minister Chrystia Freeland’s dire warnings and the fragile state of our rules-based alliance with Canada. Canadians’ view of Trump as the natural result of the American system, not a thing apart from it. The lasting damage a trade war with Canada could do.

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On the fun half: Ronald Raygun on how Jeff Sessions is changing asylum law for the worse. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) visits SeaTac federal detention facility, says “mothers could not stop crying.” Trump claims he feels “horrible” about detention centers that separate children from parents, blames Democrats. Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro says “there’s a special place in hell” for Justin Trudeau, accuses him of “stabbing us in the back.” Gorka agrees with him, calls Trudeau “childish.” Justin Trudeau trolls Trump with framed photo of Trump’s grandfather’s Canadian brothel. Abby Huntsman slips up and calls Singapore summit a “meeting of dictators.” Alex Jones has a conspiracy theory about Anthony Bourdain’s death. John in San Antonio on ranked choice voting. Are Jamie and Michael too vague about socialism and are they turning people off? What’s the progressive line on free trade? A Canadian caller on ISDS.

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