5/16 Primary Encouragement & the Fallout of Rolling Back of Dodd Frank w/ David Dayen

May 16, 2018

Journalist David Dayen(@ddayen), of the Nation, the Intercept, the New Republic and more, joins us.

On today’s show: Michigan state reaches $500 million settlement for Larry Nassar’s victims. Tucker Carlson calls Pat Davis’ anti-NRA ad “rude,” argues with him about the AR-15.

Journalist David Dayen(@ddayen) joins us to talk primary results and the effects of the Dodd Frank rollback. How progressive Democrats (especially women) won big in PA primaries and what that means for the future of the party. The effects of re-districting on the “blue wave.” Is the Democratic Party having a “Tea Party” moment? The two DSA-endorsed women who defeated an establishment family in PA. What it means that the DCCC and EMILY’s List abandoned Kara Eastman, a pro-choice, progressive woman running against an anti-choice, moderate man. What’s up with the Idaho governor’s race?

The impact of the Dodd Frank rollback bill a.k.a. S. 2155 a.k.a. “the Crapo bill,” which 17 Senate Democrats voted for. The lie that this bill will prevent the consolidation of banks and increase rural community lending. What Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) should have learned from public-private banking partnerships in her own state.

David breaks down the consolidation of Ticketmaster and Live Nation. How Ticketmaster makes most if its money off fees and captures much of the secondary market as well. How Live Nation and Ticketmaster create a “monopsony” wherein artists not repped by Live Nation have a harder time booking shows. The effect of the Live Nation/Ticketmaster monopoly on the type and quality of music available to consumers.

To stay up to date on David’s many articles, visit daviddayen.tumblr.com.

On the fun half: White collar bro threatens to call ICE on restaurant workers for speaking Spanish. Heidi Heitkamp grills Nielsen over DHS plans to separate kids from parents. Jordan Peterson claims he’s not alt-right, refuses to own his libertarian bullshit, talks absent black fathers with Charlie Kirk. Mike from PA breaks down the primary results, attributes progressive success to resistance moms. Mindy on how her Republican neighbor lost her election. (Suck it, Wendy!) A former IDF soldier explains how far right Zionists and Hamas benefit one another.

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