4/12 Sam At The Mass Torts Conference

April 12, 2018

Sam broadcasts live from the Mass Torts conference in Las Vegas, NV!

On today’s show: Jimmy Kimmel takes down Paul Ryan.

Sam speaks with Jared Johnson of SueTheCollector.com about consumers’ rights when dealing with debt collectors. The many ways debt collectors can break the rules, rendering your debts null and void. How to deal with student loan collectors. How the laws are expanding to be more consumer-friendly but how the Santander ruling set it back.

Sam speaks with Mike Papantonio about his work suing opiate distributors on behalf of communities. Distributors’ little known role in creating the opioid crisis and how the law can hold them accountable. How this is different from the Big Tobacco settlement of 1998. How aware were doctors in the ’90s of the dangers of opiate addiction? How funds from settlements can be distributed to under-funded communities hit hard by the opioid crisis.

Judicial nominee Wendy Vitter refuses to say whether she agrees with the Brown v. Board of Education decision. Cynthia Nixon wants to legalize recreational marijuana in New York. Jeffrey Sachs says it’s time to get out of Syria.

Sam speaks with Kimberley Dougherty, the torts lawyer representing the gymnasts in the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case, about how the Safe Sport Act could keep young athletes safe from abuse in the future.

Sam speaks with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks about the latest in US electoral politics. The real reasons Paul Ryan is not running for re-election. Why he thinks Trump will be impeached sooner than later. The likelihood that the Democrats will win the Senate and the need for new, progressive faces. Why you should support Alison Hartson in her primary campaign against Dianne Feinstein. (More: justicedemocrats.com/alison) Cenk’s opinion on the situation in Syria.

Sean Hannity has a meltdown over the upcoming George Stephanopoulos interview with James Comey.

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project continues to do amazing work, but thanks to Jeff Sessions they’re poised to lose a major source of funding. Please considering donating what you can. Donate here!

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