3/7 West Virginia Teachers’ Strike w/ Mike Elk

March 7, 2018

Labor reporter Mike Elk (@MikeElk) joins us to discuss the teachers’ strike in West Virginia.

On today’s show: The GOP’s fake mailer about Democrat Conor Lamb’s support of gun rights. Ted Cruz’s hackish attack ad against Beto O’Rourke.

Labor reporter Mike Elk (@MikeElk) of The Guardian and Payday Report joins us to talk about the West Virginia teachers’ strike. The issues that led up to the strike and why the striking teachers had the support of their communities. The role of union leadership and why they accepted a deal the rank and file rejected. An explanation of the deal that ended the strike for real. Under what circumstances will the teachers and other state workers’ 5% raise be funded by cuts to Medicaid? The strike’s ripple effect on other states. The history of militant labor in West Virginia and how that squares with the state’s drift toward the Republican Party. The significance of having a majority-female teachers’ union and the value of emotional labor.

On the fun half: The GOP’s creepy attack ad against Conor Lamb. Ted Cruz’s hackish attempts to make fun of Beto O’Rourke’s name. Chuck Schumer makes a lackluster case for Israel at AIPAC. John from San Antonio updates us on voting patterns in Texas. Dissident Peasant critiques Ted Cruz’s country song and offers his perspective on solidarity in red states and eroding confidence in Trump. White House chief economic advisor Gary Cohn pretends to quit over trade tariffs but it’s probably for his own personal enrichment. Sam challenges (more) libertarians to come on the show and debate him. A caller details the dire pollution situation in Missouri, recommends the documentary “Atomic Homefront.” Sam plays clips from his “Sex and the City” appearance and talks about Cynthia Nixon’s primary chances against Cuomo. The bottomless cynicism of Pennsylvanians. What is left-libertarianism? Sean Hannity cucks Roger Stone.

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