2/14 Trump’s Spiraling Porter Scandal & ICE Still Evil

February 14, 2018

On today’s show: Mitt Romney will announce his Senate run on social media. Democratic gains in VA and FL state houses. Trump ignores questions about Rob Porter. Trey Gowdy says the House Oversight Committee has opened an investigation into Porter’s security clearance, but former FBI director Chris Wray contradicts his timeline. More stories of ICE terrorism. Jimmy Dore walks back his Seth Rich conspiracy theories but insists Hillary “was not the lesser of two evils” and even Jamie gets annoyed.

On the fun half: Kristen Gillibrand bends the knee, takes corporate PAC money out of her fundraising. Queer and trans POC activists arrested at Columbus Pride for protesting police violence. Mindy tells tales from the racist suburb she’s moving out of. Alex Jones thinks Kehinde Wiley painted Obama with sperm on his face for Satanic reasons. Fox attacks a high school for opposing the national anthem’s pro-slavery verse. A caller educates the MR crew on how to protect online privacy. Sam gives a caller tips on running for state office. A caller has obscure left-criticism of the push for Medicare-for-all. Confronting ICE agents in public about what they are doing to people. How to push the concept of debt resistance in the mainstream media.

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