1/12 The Evils of Aflac, GOP Tax Bill Layoffs, & Psychedelic Cinema w/ David Dayen & Film Guy Matthew

January 12, 2018

David Dayen (@ddayen) joins us to discuss the evils of Aflac and Film Guy Matthew Weiss (@langdonboom) drops some quality movie recommendations.

On today’s show: Dick Durbin is outraged that Trump called countries “shitholes,” ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra can’t name a single Dutch politician burned alive by Muslims, and Jesse Waters defends Trump’s remarks. Journalist David Dayen discusses his new series at The Intercept, Behind the Duck, in which he exposes the wild abuses and hyper-exploitation operating at every level of the company. As it turns out, the blatantly illegal misclassification of workers is only the tip of the iceberg. Next, Film Guy Matthew stops by to recommend some movies everyone should check out: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, a 1969 British coming-of-age drama set in an all-girls school, and Errol Morris’ mind-bending new series “Wormwood,” which explores the fallout of the US government’s MK Ultra program. He also recommends a few things to watch while enjoying psychedelics, as does Jamie.

On the fun half: Steve Mnuchin says Davos is not a “globalist hangout,” a caller breaks down why shitcoin is the best cryptocurrency, #NeverTrump conservative Rick Wilson threatens to gut Jonathan Frederick “like a fish,” Don Lemon calls out Trump’s racism, what’s the deal with Slavoj Zizek, and the crew discusses problematic favs not limited to but including: T.S. Eliot, Swans, D.H. Lawrence, virtually all music enjoyed by Michael, and Michael himself.

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