1/9 Murphy Oil & What Me Too Can Teach the Labor Movement w/ Jane McAlevey

January 9, 2018

Author, labor organizer and scholar Jane McAlevey (@rsgexp), author of “Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell): My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement” joins us to discuss union organizing in the age of Trump.

On today’s show: Trump’s HHS nominee Alex Azar once extended Cialis’ patent by testing it on kids. KS state Rep. Steve Alford thinks blacks are especially susceptible to marijuana abuse. McAlevey breaks down the potential fallout from the Janus and Murphy Oil cases, gives tips for building solidarity even in right to work states, and explains why the women’s and labor movements must get better at working together. Could the “free riders” imposed by anti-union decisions be an opportunity to build working class solidarity?

On the fun half: Ivanka tweets about Oprah’s speech, Ainsley Earhardt says it’s “not fair” that immigrants get to “live here for free,” a caller is sorry he ever liked Sam Harris or Dave Rubin, THE RETURN OF DUG, Alex Jones takes on Oprah, an Australian caller hates on Tony Blair, and Mindy rails against Democratic incompetence in her state.

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